Britney’s baby scare

May 10, 2005

Britney’s baby scare

Britney and Kori
Britney and Kori
Britney Spears has been rushed to hospital in yet another pregnancy scare. It is the second time the 23-year-old has experienced stomach pains in her four month pregnancy, sparking concerns for her and the baby?s wellbeing. She was reportedly playing with her stepdaughter Kori when she felt pains and was taken to the nearest emergency room. According to the UK Sun, “Britney has been taking it easy on doctors’ advice. She was playing with Kori on the grass. She started to look unwell and started holding her stomach.” Tests were run and eventually she was given the all clear, but is under further instructions to take it easy until the baby is born.

Yet another celebrity baby
Is anyone seeing a pattern here? Rebecca Cartwright and Lleyton Hewitt: surprise engagement then sudden pregnancy. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: surprise engagement then sudden pregnancy. Everyone seems to be pairing up and creating (hopefully) happy families. E! News have reported that the Alias star and her boyfriend are expecting their first child. But after the extreme public interest in the first Bennifer (Ben with Jennifer Lopez) this couple have gone to great pains to avoid the public eye. They?ve avoided being seen together on movie premieres and award shows and their relationship hasn?t even been officially confirmed or denied. But multiple sources close to the couple are ensuring entertainment reporters that Jennifer is three months pregnant. Won?t be able to hide that for long, so we guess there will be some sort of confirmation soon! Wonder if this pattern will follow with Renee’s sudden marriage…?

New girls for Orlando & Jake
Orlando Bloom was been seen getting cosy US MTV presenter Vanessa Minnillo last week in a New York club. According to onlookers in the Gypsy Tea Club, it looked quite obvious that the pair were dating, ?They were whispering to each other, touching each other, and dirty dancing all night. Girls would come up and try to get it on with him, and he politely snubbed every one for Vanessa. They were very much together.? 24-year-old Vanessa left the club at 2am with the British spunk leaving a few minutes later. Meanwhile, Kirsten Dunst?s ex Jake Gyllenhaal has been seen in the arms of Oscar nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno. According to onlookers, the pair were were “full-on making out” at New York City’s Bungalow 8.

Ashton?s a bit speedy in bed

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