Britney’s ex reveals all…

July 13, 2004

Britney’s ex reveals all…

The innocent party?
Childhood friend/ex-husband Jason Alexander has finally revealed the sordid details of his 55 hours of marriage to pop-tart Britney Spears. He gave an interview to British tabloid News of the World, revealing “I didn’t tell the world about this before because I still hoped we’d get back together, but I now realise she won’t come back to me.” According to Jason, it was Britney that proposed. The pair had just indulged in “mind-blowing and rough” sex, during which the couple “didn’t use any precautions.” They were chatting in bed, when Britney asked Jason whether he would marry her. His response was yes, and Brits reportedly jumped out of bed and said ‘Let’s do it now.’ The rest, as they say, is history. Jason was crushed when Britney?s legal team forced him to sign the annulment papers, saying “The only person I cared about in that room was Britney, and they said if I didn’t sign it, I was ruining her career. I had no choice.?

Teen siren
The Parent Trap Singers
The latest in the long line of actors turned singers and vice versa ? Lindsay Lohan has just signed a record deal with Casablanca Records, run by Mariah Carey?s ex-husband Tommy Mottola. Lindsay, who turned 18 on July 2, has already sung on screen. She performed in last year?s remake of Freaky Friday and worked on the soundtrack of her latest film Princess Diaries 2. It is believed she will record several albums for the label, and although no more details have been made public, Tommy has told the New York Post, “I’m thrilled we have her. I think she’s the next big star on the horizon.” Considering her sudden transformation from gawky teenager to the busty babe, it wouldn?t surprise us to see a lot more of Lindsay Lohan.

Older man for Duff?
Perfect man for Duff?
On the topic of teen sensations, it seems Hilary Duff has moved onto bigger and better things. She has been seen with Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden on multiple occasions. The pair were seen strolling together in Toronto last month where she?s filming The Perfect Man. Joel, 25, was seen pecking the 16 year old on the cheek ?several times? according to a source. There were also seen hanging out at the Canadian version of the MTV music awards (Much Music Video Awards) but when asked by a reporter whether he was dating Duff, Joel smiled coyly and walked away. Despite this, reps for Duff deny any romance. “They’re simply just friends. She hangs out with Good Charlotte whenever they are in town together.” Aaaah, the ?Just friends? line…

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