Brit’s baby boy

August 23, 2005

Brit’s baby boy

Britney Spears has blown the secrecy of the sex of her baby on a recent shopping trip in LA. She reportedly spent over $14,000 on baby boy clothes in Beverly Hills store Petit Tresor. According to sources, she and husband Kevin Federline have even decided on Preston as the name for their son. “They are mulling over several names but the one they favour is Preston.” A spokesperson for the 23-year-old added: “It would be a lovely name.” She is due to give birth in September and is planning for a C-section birth. ?No marathon labor? for her and her entire birth is ?mapped out?.

Is Kirsten Dunst pregnant?
Kirsten Dunst and boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal are reportedly expecting their first child. Speculation began on the weekend when the pair was photographed studying a box of New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal dietary supplements at Hollywood’s Whole Foods market. According to US In Touch magazine, they even asked a member of staff about the benefits of the vitamins and whether they really increase physical stamina and aid emotional well-being during pregnancy. They haven’t commented about the rumours but both are known for wanting to avoid publicity ? just last year they concocted a story that they?d broken up to try and take the spotlight off their relationship. They later admitted they were still deeply in love, Jake saying “She’s the only girl for me”, and Kirsten admitting “I am really happy and in love.” Stay tuned!

Paris split
Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis have reportedly split up because he hadn?t told his parents they were getting married. According to sources, the Simple Life star threw a lavish bash to celebrate the impending nuptials, then realised when Latsis? parents turned up that he hadn?t even bothered telling them of the engagement! An insider told the News of the World: “It was like a bad scene out of Meet The Parents. Two of the world’s richest families meet to celebrate their kids’ engagement, but one set of parents knows nothing about it.” Latsis’ father Kasidokostas said of his 22-year-old son: “If he hasn’t discussed this with his own father, how serious could it be? That should tell you the whole story. My son is much too young to even consider a subject like marriage.” This comes after Hilton was saying one minute how much she loved travelling with her fiance, then the next saying she was fed up with him. She said earlier in the month: “(Paris and I) are really happy. We had an amazing summer in Europe together. Everything’s amazing. We were looking all over Greece and we found some really beautiful places. Right now I’m finishing up work and then we’ll do the wedding.” It seems she?s been telling her fianc? a different story, according to In Touch magazine. “Paris told [Latsis] that she didn’t enjoy her time with him abroad. He got upset and angry and they fought a lot.” Sounds like the breakup is for the best?

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