Broken all your new years resolutions by now?

January 14, 2003

Are your New Year’s Resolutions a half-arsed list of little things you think you need to keep in check? 1) Eat less chocolate. 2) Try not to watch so much TV. You know what I mean. Not exactly life-changing stuff.

What about the big things? Taking risks is scary. Perhaps that’s why our resolutions focus on the small, short-term stuff.

Make a resolution to make 2004 a year to be pro-active and brings about change in your life. Challenge old assumptions, routines and behaviours. Here’s a list of ten things to inspire you to take a risk or two.

  • LeaveIt’s as simple as that. The no-future boyfriend. The dead-end job. The depressing share house. Whatever. If you’re unhappy with one of the three key areas of your life (or more than one, heaven help you!) you know it’s time for a change. Be brave. Know that it can only be better than where you are now. Do it!
  • Chill outDrop out for a few days – a weekend is good, but longer is better. Don’t go to work. Don’t even think about work. Spend the time with no TV, stereo, telephone. Live simply, quietly and enjoy. The person that emerges when the white noise of life’s distractions fades away will be the better for it.
  • Push itSki down a black diamond run this snow season. Try scuba diving or sky diving or any other thrill seeking activity. Sure you might end up with a few bruises, and need a change of underwear, but hey, you’ll learn something new about your limits. And you might just surprise yourself!
  • Out with the oldSentimental baggage is heavy, and so last season. Make a point of having a clear out at least once a year. Be ruthless. Do you really need a box of old movie tickets and Christmas cards from 1987? Love letters from what’s-his-name? You get the picture. Just think, while you’re hanging onto all this old stuff, there’s no room for good new stuff to come into your life. See?

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