Buble proud to be Canadian

February 13, 2010

Buble torch bearer

As the unofficial cheerleader for Canada for these winter Olympics, Michael Buble has fulfilled a long time dream to run with the Olympic torch.

Thousands of screaming fans cheered on the international pop star on Thursday night as he handed the Olympic torch to a man who used to collect pop cans for a living.

He ran down Pacific Street, then passed the flame to Vancouver community torchbearer Ken Lyotier, a former drug addict sometimes called the King of the Binners who started United We Can in 1995 to help people who live in the impoverished Downtown Eastside make a living.

As Buble ran down Pacific, enthusiastic fans cheered him on. One woman held a sign that read “Michael marry me instead.” Another male fan shouted “Buble you are the boy,” as Buble began chanting “Go Canada Go,” encouraging the crowd to cheer even louder.

“Every day it is nice to be a Canadian,” Buble, 34, told reporters shortly after his run. He said he has travelled all over the world and the first thing he always tells people is that he is proud to be a Canadian.

“Tonight I am proud to be a Canadian but I am also proud to be a Vancouvervite. I’m proud of all these people who came out and showed their support.” The 34-year old Canadian native then stopped by NBC’s Today Show on location in Vancouver to talk about the experience. Buble told NBC’s Matt Lauer that he got goosebumps after carrying the torch, and he couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. “I don’t get over excited much but I am excited. It is going to be hard to sleep.” Awwh how cute that he is so patriotic!

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