27 Budget Date Ideas For Broke Couples On Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

You don’t have to go broke to celebrate your love.

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you find yourself short on funds, you might be starting to panic right about now.

But fear not: there are plenty of ways to have a romantic time with little, or even no, cash on hand.

And take note, those who are single this V-Day: many of these can be done with or without a partner. So whether you’re in love, or you’re your own Valentine, you can have a fun and sweet celebration that will be easy on your bank account.

Here are 18 ways to celebrate love’s big day…

1.  Make dinner together.

Who needs a fancy prix fixe dinner out? Cooking together at home is much more fun. Plus, then you can eat by candlelight, wearing whatever you want – or nothing at all.

2. Have a themed movie night.

Go all out and plan snacks to go with your rom-com, action movie, or tearjerker of choice, then cuddle up under a blanket and get cozy – with or without a partner!

3. Call on your inner artist.

Your mom was right: a handmade card is always more heartfelt than a storebought one. Bust out the colored pencils, tissue paper, and glue and have a card-making date, then swap masterpieces at the end.

4. Take a ferry ride.

If you live near a body of water, chances are there’s a free or low-cost ferry or boat ride you and your sweetie can take advantage of. Pack a picnic, and it’s a date!

5. Get crafty.

Sign up for a pottery-making workshop, a life-drawing class, or a knitting lesson: whatever the two of you are interested in. Learning is sexy – and often budget-friendly.

6. Game on.

Break out the board games and match wits at Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, or another favorite. Winner gets to celebrate in the position of their choice.

7. Have a heart.

Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or other charitable organization. Being generous doesn’t cost a thing – and it’s good for your soul, your relationship, and the world.

8. Dance it out.

An at-home dance party has a few advantages: no cover charge, cheap drinks, you can make your own playlist, and you can get as dirty as you want to on the dance floor.

9. Soak up some culture.

Many museums have suggested donations, rather than steep admission fees. Take advantage and go see some art while being easy on your wallet.

10. Go open-house hopping.

Look up real estate sales in your area, or in your dream neighborhood, and visit some open houses. Wander the rooms and dream about the future – and if there are snacks at the open house, even better.

11. Ask each other the big questions.

What better opportunity than Valentine’s Day to ask each other those 36 questions that lead to love? Carve out a couple of hours and take your intimacy to the next level.

12. Have a spa night at home.

A hot bath, DIY-facials, soft music, fluffy towels, massages – take turns pampering each other, or doing it for yourself if you’re on your own!

13. Karaoke night!

Head to your local karaoke bar and sing your favorite sappy love songs to each other.

14. Pop some tags.

You know, like Macklemore. Going thrift-shopping together can unearth some fun and unexpected treasures.

15. Hit the books.

Browsing a bookstore is the perfect date for bookworms. Compare favorite titles, read poetry to each other, and surprise each other with something at the register.

16. Go on tour.

Lots of places offer tours: breweries, chocolate factories, smoked fish warehouses, you name it. Investigate the options near you!

17. Strike out.

The best thing about bowling is the ridiculous shoes – but the next best might be the affordable price tag. Find a low-rent bowling alley and get your Big Lebowski on.

18. Act out your fantasies.

Share your dirtiest fantasies with each other – and then make them happen. Pick up some supplies: sex toys, costumes, whatever you need to role-play your particular (totally healthy!) perversion.

19. Sweat it out.

The couple that works out together, stays together. Or at least, they get in shape together. A long run or a good sweaty gym session will get your hearts pumping, which might put you in the mood for more pulse-raising activities…

20. Hang at your local dive bar.

A dark, seedy, slightly sketchy place you’ve never ventured into before might be the perfect V-Day adventure. Grab a couple cheap beers and do some people-watching.

21. Puzzle it out.

Nerd out and tackle a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. All you need are some snacks and tunes to make it a fun night in.

22. Light a fire.

Literally. If you’ve got a fireplace at home, great. If you don’t, seek out a restaurant or bar where you can sit and watch the flames reflected in your lover’s eyes.

23. Consult a psychic.

Get your palms read at one of those hole-in-the-wall places you always pass by and never actually duck into. Are you meant to be together? What does the future hold? It’s sure to be good for a laugh, anyway.

24. Score a hole-in-one.

Get your mind out of the gutter: we don’t mean like that. Mini-golf is usually a bargain, and lots of fun, as well. And afterward, the two of you can score another way.

25. Take each other on tour.

Show your sweetie your neighborhood or city through your eyes with a tour of your old haunts: the place you were when he called you for the first time, the corner where you first kissed, the house where you grew up.

26. Plan a surprise.

Whatever you do, keep it top-secret and make it a surprise. Your partner won’t have to plan anything – and that’s a gift in itself.

27. Gaze at the moon.

Looking at the sky is free, and quite a show. Lay a blanket out and stargaze together – or alone. Who needs a date, anyway? Valentine’s Day is about love, and no one can love you better than you can.

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