Burke Ramsey’s Leaked 1997 Interview Tape Is Creepy AF

September 22, 2016

“Maybe a hammer, hit her in the head maybe…”

The murder of child pageant princess JonBenét Ramsey remains unresolved, 20 years after the bizarre crime took place. However, the investigative CBS doco-series The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey, which aired this week, shone new light on the mystery case and its potential murdererincluding revealing a disturbing video of JonBenét’s brother Burke telling a child psychologist what he thought happened to his sister back in 1997.

The two-part series dug deeper into the crime than the general public had ever seen before, recreating the murder scene, examining DNA, and deciphering background noise at the end of JonBenét’s mother Patsy’s 911 call which turned out to be the voice of Burke asking “What did you find?” after Patsy could be heard saying “What did you do? Help me, Jesus.”

Most shockingly, in the second part of the doco-series, the video recording of Burke’s 1997 interview with a child psychologist was aired for the first time ever, showing the nine year-old talking about his sister’s death in a disturbingly carefree way.

When asked what he thinks happened to his sister in the interview, Burke says, “someone took her very quietly, tiptoed down the basement, then he took a knife out and went [mimes stabbing] …you know something like that. Or maybe a hammer, hit her in the head maybe.”

Besides the response seeming rehearsed and unnervingly detailed, the fact Burke shows no appropriate emotions about his sister’s passing and, on top of that, acts out the stabbing and hitting he describes, makes this whole scenario very uncomfortable to watch.

While CBS stressed at the end of the show the case is still unresolved, and asked viewers to make up their own minds, it’s hard not to think of Burke as a suspect after watching this video.

In his first ever media interview last week, Burke alarmed viewers by responding to talkshow host, Dr Phil’s questions about his sister’s murder while grinning.

We get that this kid hasn’t exactly had the most normal upbringing and not everyone processes grief by sobbing uncontrollably, but the fact Burke still appears completely nonchalant about his sister’s death is just a little bit creepy, no?

Video and image via twitter.com.

Comment: Do you think Burke seems guilty?



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