Butler handbag – the perfect accessory!

November 19, 2009

Are you always madly searching for your keys, phone or wallet in your handbag? The fashion Gods have answered your prayers with the world’s first compartmentalised bag. Genius!

As seen on Oprah the Butler Bag is the world’s first compartmentalised handbag. They are stylish, practical and now available in Australia!

SheSaid reader Natalie Forrester received a Butler Hybrid for her birthday and was so convinced that EVERY woman should have the opportunity to own one that she started her own distribution website.

“My whole life fits in my handbag in an organised fashion and I can see the location of every item with a single glance,” says Natalie. “No more missing a phone call because you can’t find your phone in the bottomless pit of a normal handbag. Don’t risk not looking your best when that cute guys walks past because you’re not able to find your lipgloss, and reduce the risk of being mugged because you can’t find your keys in a dark parking lot.”

Butler handbags are now the fastest growing handbag brand in the world and you can get your hands on a small one from $129.95 or a large one from $200 at www.perfectfind.com.au.

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