Butt-Toning Exercises

July 23, 2014

Looking to tone your buttocks just in time for bikini season? With just a few months until the weather warms up, now is the perfect time to incorporate a few effective exercises into your daily routine. Simply clear your schedule, get into some workout gear and get started on these effective workouts at the comfort of your own pace.

Bodyweight squat

Stand with your legs apart and place your hands behind your head. This stance should give your body ultimate support before any workout. Then squat down into a sitting position. You should feel the burn in your thighs if you’re doing it right.

Butt Toning Exercises

High box jump

If you can’t find something sturdy to use for this exercise, try using stairs instead. With legs together, jump up and back down to strengthen your legs and buttocks. Keep arms raised and make a fist to give your upper body some support.

Butt Toning Exercises


Lunges are extremely effective ways to tone up your body at home. Stand up with legs shoulder-width apart, then drop the left knee (this should ensure that both legs are in a 90º angle). Alternate each leg after your rep.

Butt Toning Exercises

Hip raise

Lie down on your back with your legs slightly bended (and make sure your feet can be placed flat on the ground). Extend your arms out on each side, then lift your buttocks up without moving your feet off the ground.

Butt Toning Exercises

Mountain climbers

This exercise is extremely useful since it also works out the core muscles and arms. Get into the push-up position (arms flat on the ground pushing up the rest of the body). Then extend each leg forward as if you’re running.

Butt Toning Exercises

Hip extension

Very similar to the hip raise, this exercise focuses on working out the legs and buttocks. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides. Extend one leg out as far as you can, before doing the same to the other.

Butt Toning Exercises


  • Don’t forget to stretch out your entire body before attempting any of these exercises. Some simple ways include jumping jacks and running on the spot, which also are a great way to warm-up if you’re feeling cold.
  • Wear appropriate shoes whilst working out. Not only will they help in your workout, but will be comfortable on your feet while attempting the exercises which focus on stability.

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