How to Calculate Your Due Date From Your Pregnancy Calendar

January 24, 2014

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, you’ll no doubt want to learn your due date straight away. Luckily, there’s a few easy ways to calculate your due date. Once you know your due date, you’ll be able to create your week-by-week pregnancy calendar and track the progress of your baby. Read on for how to quickly calculate your due date.

The best due date calculator is to count 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (which you’ll often see referred to as LMP).

This is how your doctor will calculate your due date, so it’s a pretty accurate target date.

Another easy way to calculate your due date is the Naegael’s Rule: simply subtract three months from your LMP, add seven days, plus a whole year.

It is important to remember that only five percent of all women actually go on to deliver on their due date. It’s entirely normal to deliver a week to two weeks before or after your target due date.

When trying to conceive, most women keep records of their last menstrual period, ovulation dates and potential time of conception. Having this information documented will make due date calculation that much simpler.Once you have your due date, you can create your week-by-week pregnancy calendar, and together with your doctor, map out the next nine months. This will help you understand the changes in your body and health, and your baby’s development.

A 40-week pregnancy is broken down into three trimesters. Weeks 1-13 are the first trimester, weeks 14-26 the second trimester, and weeks 27-40 the third trimester.

Take the time to write down anything you can think of to get an accurate pregnancy calendar which will help during your regular doctor visits.

How close were you to your due date?

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