Calvin Harris Just Posted A Dick Pic, And We’re Not Offended

September 5, 2016
Calvin Harris Dick Pic

Be still, our beating hearts.

They say if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it, and DJ and Taylor Swift ex Calvin Harris is certainly doing that.

This week the artist posted a pic to his Insta that left *very little* to the imagination.

Let’s just say we can gather by the silhouette of his jocks in the Instagram snap taken with his manager, Mark Gillespie on Gillespie’s birthday (when he clearly decided to give us a gift instead of his manager), that he has a REALLY BIG, er, set of feet. And maybe this is one dick pic we’d be willing to live with…

Calvin Harris flaunted his super hot bod on Insta this week, and we have no complaints.

Harris also revealed a ripped body that looked like we could do our laundry on it. Who knew he had a sneaky hot bod?

Okay, okay… so we’re totally guilty of body objectification here, but Harris clearly has no probs letting us enjoy his goods and he certainly has a pleasing set of them; and hey, if Kim can do it

Besides setting tongues wagging, we can’t help but wonder if Harris posted the pic as a subtle nudge to Tay to remind her of what she’s missing after he hinted at her cheating on him earlier this year after the power pair split.

Either way, Calvs clearly has no probs showing off his thirst trap of a bod, which he flaunted in glorious style in Armani’s recent underwear campaign. Let’s just say if he were to get around in nothing but this underwear for the rest of his life, we would not have a problem with that. At all.

Here are a few snaps from the campaign for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.


We have some cheese that needs shredding, Calvin. Can we borrow your abs?


Sorry, we can’t hold on. We’ve already fallen hard for those biceps.


Images via instagram and armani.


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