What We Can Expect From The Dion Lee, Target Collaboration

June 14, 2015
dion lee for target

The retail world sure was a lot more boring before high street designer collaborations. When H&M launched its first designer collaboration ten years ago, it was a game changer. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a label that hasn’t participated in some sort of high street collaboration.

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Besides H&M, Target has proved to be a department store with its finger on the pulse, having launched some very successful capsule collections by designers such as Stella McCartney and Missoni. Their next big coup? The Target x Dion Lee collection, which will be available on July 2.

Dion Lee is without a doubt one of Australia’s best designer exports who is known and loved for his incredibly well tailored clothes and a look that’s both feminine and feminist. So, what can we expect from Lee’s collection for Target?

If you liked Alexander Wang x H&M, chances are you’re going to love Target x Dion Lee. The collection focuses on active wear and the very popular sport luxe trend. Sports bras, running shorts and leggings might make you think that this is purely a gym wear collection, but it’s more than that.

Body-hugging dresses and pencil skirts are part of it, too, as well as a pair of sexy black mules and a mini skirt. Colour-wise, Lee isn’t straying far from his usual aesthetics with lots of black and blue involved and a bit of orange for the more sporty items.

Even though there are only 35 pieces in the collection, it seems as if it could please a wide variety of women with the designs being both functional and sophisticated and “reflecting the lifestyle of the contemporary woman.” With prices ranging from $25 to $119, it will definitely be one of the more affordable designer lines (in comparison, Alexander Wang x H&M was priced up to $349).

If Missoni x Target was anything to go by, you will have to be quick to get your hands on a Dion Lee item as Target’s website crashed minutes after launching, with most items selling out super quick. Our favorites from Dion Lee x Target? The mules and laser cut bomber jacket – fingers crossed we’ll get our hands on them!

Dion-lee-cover-800x364 What We Can Expect From The Dion Lee x Target Collaboration

Images via Fashion Journal and Target

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