You Can Now Buy A Petite, Tall Or Curvy Barbie

January 28, 2016

Barbie looks a lot more realistic now.

The terms ‘diverse’ and ‘realistic body image’ usually don’t come to mind when thinking of Barbie, but that’s about to change, with Mattel announcing three new body shapes and different skin tones for the world’s most famous doll.

That’s right, gone are the days of the skinny, tall, blonde, blue-eyed Barbie dominating your kids’ toy collections. She will make way for ‘petite’, ‘tall’, and ‘curvy’ Barbie, all three set to show a more realistic representation of women’s bodies. It took Mattel months to come up with these three euphemisms in an attempt not to offend anyone.

The new body image is accompanied by a variety of skin tones representing different ethnicities. Among the 33 new Barbie dolls are Asian Barbie, African Barbie, and Latino Barbie. There will even be different shoe sizes, one for narrow and one for wide feet.


“We want to make sure the Barbie lovers love us more — and perhaps changing the people who are negative to neutral,” says Mattel president and COO, Richard Dickson.

Senior vice president and global general manager of Barbie, Evelyn Mazzocco, takes it a step further saying that she believes Mattel has a “responsibility to girls and parents to reflect a broader view of beauty.”

The new Barbies will be sold online from Thursday on Barbie.com before hitting stores on March 1. Only time will tell if the latest generation of Barbie lovers will embrace the change or turn their backs on the doll once and for all.

Images via time.com

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