You Can Think Yourself Skinny

April 16, 2014
health, metabolism, weight loss, healthy eating

New research have come to light that claim you can actually think yourself skinny! Well, in a way… The study by the Colombia Business School in New York – known as the Milkshake Study – found that food label information taken in by our brains can then determine how hard our metabolism works.

Huge amounts of people religiously study labelling in a bid to determine if the product is fattening and unhealthy. The findings suggest that this information aids to speed up a person’s metabolism when they believe they are consuming something very indulgent and high in calories – regardless of how fattening the product actually is. In contrast, it also slow down when they we eat something we believe to be low in calories.

This research means it is not just actual calorie consumption, but also perceived calorie consumption, that influences the body’s rate of metabolism. So, the best way to lose weight might be to eat food that is very low in calories but which we believe to be high in calories. In other words, trick yourself slim!

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