Cannes Film Festival Cops Backlash Over High-Heel Policy

May 20, 2015
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If the shoe fits – and has a high enough heel! This year the Cannes Film Festival is making headlines for all the reasons you wouldn’t expect by turning women away from film screenings if they’re wearing flats. No, we’re not referring to bad taste in shoes or even outfit attire for that matter, we’re talking about no sky-high heel, no entry – regardless of age.

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Yep, women in their fifties – along with women who have medical conditions and god forbid require comfort – were denied access to competition entry Carol on Sunday night with the only compromise being that they leave and return with the required footwear, reported Screen Daily. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one women was also turned away for wearing “ankle boots and tights,” while another for sporting “platform sandals.”

Actress Emily Blunt is among one of the first celebrities to speak out about the ordeal, telling a reporter that it’s “very disappointing” when asked to comment. “To think there are these waves of equality and waves of people discovering that women are so fascinating and interesting to watch and bankable [on screen].”

“Everyone should wear flats to be honest,” she added. “We shouldn’t be wearing high heels anyways. That’s my point of view. I just prefer wearing Converse sneakers.”

While there has been no official statement in response to the backlash, according to Screen Daily, reps for the festival “confirm that it is obligatory for all women to wear high-heels to red-carpet screenings.”

Overnight social media has gone into a frenzy, with many people agreeing that it’s a step backwards for women. “As we attempt to deal with sexism in the film industry, women are being turned away from Cannes screenings when we don’t wear high heels,” tweeted one, while another demanded: “Hey #Cannes2015, just let the ladies in the flat shoes watch the movies.”

Festival director Thierry Fremaux has since taken to the social media platform to try and smooth things over, tweeting: “The rumour that the festival requires high heels for the women on the steps is baseless.”

There’s always an exception to every rule, so let’s hope that Cannes soon acknowledges that not every 70-year-old women can still rep Jeffrey Campbell stilettos.

What do you think? Should Cannes ditch their high-heel policy?

Image via Screen Daily

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