Career Profile: the business of beauty

August 16, 2005

Career Profile: the business of beauty

What was your ultimate career ambition when you were growing up?
To be a ?billionaire philanthropist?! I have always been quite entrepreneurial and loved the cut and thrust of business ? so my philosophy was that rather than working in a soup kitchen myself, I would focus on what I loved, and pay the wages of the people working in the soup kitchen.

What sort of training have you had?
I graduated from Commerce Law and NSW University and then got rather disillusioned with law, so I switched to banking. I managed a portfolio of business clients at a large bank and then made the move to Corporate PR with a global PR agency. At 27 I started a Corporate Communications consultancy and now I do both that and Queen B ? my pursuit of the heart! At Queen B we make a range of hand-rolled and hand-painted pure Australian beeswax candles. I love the creativity of what we do and I love the consciousness of the product and our team ? we create beautiful products, in a loving and creative environment whilst ?reading lightly? on the earth.

Describe your typical day.
I usually get up at 6.30am and go for a brisk walk to get me going. I then either do a quick meditation or do some journaling to clear my mind and set my intentions for the day. From there on in, there is no such thing as typical! Running a small business, I wear various hats from web designer (see to book-keeper, national sales manager to IT support desk, and PR consultant to business development manager. I love the variety (although must say that I am often reticent to put on the IT support hat!). Other days I put on a suit and consult to large companies generally in the areas of marketing and business strategy.

What drives you to succeed?
A desire to make a difference ? and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I am happiest when I am touching someone?s life ? whether it is cooking a meal for friends I love, selling an exquisite Queen B candle to someone, providing a shoulder to cry on, or cracking the back of an issue that a corporate has faced and coming up with a plan to more beyond it. I am generally very driven and I feel a great sense of urgency to do something ?special? with my life ? to give back.

The business of beauty (con’t)

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