Career Quiz: who’s your office soulmate?

February 28, 2006

Career Quiz: who’s your office soulmate?

linkme.com.au, Australia’s leading career and networking site teamed up with psychic Lucy Cavendish to help you find your work soulmate.

1. It’s Monday. You start your working week by…
a: Missing the train. You were up late dancing at the full moon party!
b: Changing outfits three times, deciding on the pink cocktail dress, and arriving at 9.45. Car trouble!
c: Acting like it’s Tuesday. You actually came in yesterday, getting things together and finishing that project ahead of deadline. Always best to exceed expectations.
d:You get to work at 9.15 ? the train didn’t show up but you managed to squeeze on the bus. Phew!

2. It’s your boss’s birthday. You:
a:Silently offer him prayers in your next meditation circle. He’ll feel the energy.
b:Regift that photo album your Aunt gave you for Christmas. He’ll never know.
c:Not only do you noisily organise a group gift, personally passing around the envelope, and drawing the giant-sized card yourself, you also buy something small, tasteful and stupidly expensive to give him when he ?has a second.? It’s an investment.
d:You google him, find out he’s a massive Swans fan, and buy him a signed jersey. He’ll love it.

3. There’s some great people at your work. They’re in the mailroom, the coffee shop and reception. You…
a:Give them all pamphlets to your reiki classes. They could use some healing energy.
b:Know the girl on reception would look great with a makeover, and offer to share your hairdresser’s silent number with her.
c:You have enough friends. You’re busy cultivating people who will help you get ahead.
d:You not only make friends with them, you shout them lunch at least once a week, and take them to the pub when they’ve had a tough day.

4. There’s a promotion going for a job you’ve always wanted. Three other people are in line before you. You…
a:Why do anything? If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Besides, you’re applying to work at the United Nations anyway.
b:Take the person recruiting to the races and ply them with champagne.
c:Polish your resume, write up an achievements document, hire an events organiser to rush through a stunning powerpoint audio-visual extravaganza and book the boardroom for your job pitch.
d:Call all your contacts, and get them to write amazing references, and ?put in a good word.?

5. Your idea of a working lunch is…
a:Bringing in your own and eating in the park. It saves money AND reconnects you to nature.
b:Power-lunching with strategic people who will help build your brilliant career.
c:Dining al desko. Who has time to go to lunch anymore?
d:Getting together with some mates from work and laughing about the crazy people you work with.

6. Your boss has just asked you to join their personal training session. You…
a:Ask them if they’d mind doing yoga instead.
b:Buy new workout gear and practice your moves beforehand.
c:Join them, spend half and hour telling them how they could be running the company, then them in your dust during your run.
d:Think about calling in sick, but instead you front up, hold your stomach in, let them do better than you and tell you the right way to do sit-ups. (They’re doing them wrong..)

7. There’s an office sweep for Melbourne Cup Day.
a:You set up a protest. You hate cruelty to animals.
b:What sweep? You take a holiday, spend a month’s paypacket on a new outfit, learn all the horses names, and insist everyone wears a fascinator at meetings. You’re going to Melbourne, baby!
c: What Melbourne Cup? Perfect opportunity to beat that deadline and get started on your next wonder-project.
d: Organise the office sweep, triple checking everyone’s involved.

8. It’s the office Christmas party. And you’re…
a:Drunk and getting ready to tell your boss about your past lives together.
b:Drunk, and getting ready to pole dance. You knew those classes would come in handy!
c:Sober. You’re dropping in for some face-time on your way to a meeting.
d:Drunk, and fantasising about kissing the spunk from marketing under the mistletoe.

9. You’ve just been paid. You…
a:Donate most of it to Greenpeace.
b:Walk out of the office, hit the shops, buy way too much, then hide the bags from your partner when you get home.
c: Check in with your broker to see how your shares are doing.
d:Decide you’re going to ask for a pay rise. Next year. (You don’t)

10. You’ve decorated your work space with…
a:Crystals, sea shells and a framed copy of Desiderata. You’ve screened off the fluorescent light with a giant plant.
b:Framed certificates of your first report, your achievements, you winning fashions on the field at Derby Day, and plentiful snaps of you with celebrities.
c:One motivational saying from Anthony Robbins. Everything else is neat as a pin.
d:Family pics, loved ones, pets and hot boys you’d like to go out with. Including Brad Pitt.

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