Caring For Your Dog

February 11, 2011

Caring For Your Dog

Dr Rachele Lowe offers some helpful tips for how you can take care of your extraordinary dog at home:

* Make sure you visit a vet for regular check-ups even when they’re healthy as this will help maintain your pet’s health and well being.

* Always ensure you feed your dog with high quality food for optimal performance, which includes an animal protein like chicken as the key ingredient. Premium food like Eukanuba uses clinically proven ingredients that will help your dog be the best it can be.

* Don’t forget to care for your dog’s teeth. While dry foods like dog kibble are far better than wet foods to mechanically scrape tartar build up, it’s also important to try to brush their teeth regularly with specialised products and have annual dental check-ups.

* If your dog is alone during the day, give some generous thought to how you can keep them entertained. Try rolling treat balls, sand pits with buried treasures and water troughs to play in. This will help ease any destructive behaviour that can arise from boredom.

* Puppies have different nutritional requirements to adult dogs so be sure to keep this in mind when selecting your dog’s food as there are many on offer for all stages of a dog’s life and development. Eukanuba Puppy Food contains a proven level of an ingredient called DHA for optimal puppy development. This will help them grasp training and obedience challenges and help them socialise into the family environment.

* Always be aware of your dog’s behaviour. If they start displaying unusual habits or you notice a change consult your vet. It’s important to regularly check for ticks and other issues that might otherwise go undetected and cause serious health problems.

* When deciding on which type of dog is right for you, consider your lifestyle and what theirs would be once they come to live with you. The bigger the dog the more space they need. A dog is an investment for many years so be sure to consider all of these things before bringing your new best friend home.

Eukanuba invites you to share an extraordinary story about your dog and if yours is voted the most popular, your dog could feature in Eukanuba’s new print advertisement. In addition to this you could also win them one year’s worth of food and other doggy prizes including a designer dog bed and rug!

For further information about the right nutrition for your extraordinary dog and to enter the promotion visit www.eukanuba.com.au.

Eukanuba Extraordinary Dogs shows on Channel 7 every Saturday 5pm starting on 5th February.

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