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Catriona Rowntree’s Beauty And Skincare Tips

Catriona Rowntree’s Beauty And Skincare Tips

Catriona Rowntree has spent virtually every day outdoors, so how has she maintained such amazing skin? The travel queen shares her tips for healthy skin plus her favourite beauty bargains.

1. Like most of us, you seem to spend plenty of time outdoors. What are your tips for taking care of your skin whilst still enjoying the sun?

Aside from wearing sunscreen, there are many other tricks I learned while travelling. Wearing light-coloured clothing will keep you cool and help to deflect the sun’s harmful rays. I always try to wear a hat and long-sleeves if possible, especially when filming during the middle of the day. The sun’s rays are the most harmful between 10am and 2pm.

2. Having grown up in Australia, I’m sure you’re also concerned with how the sun can damage our skin and lead to premature ageing. What are your tips for healthy-looking skin?

Personally I think prevention is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. Obviously when we spend a day at the beach as a family, we all wear the maximum SPF sunscreen and ‘slip slop slap’ every two hours, even if we haven’t been in the water. But I also make sure I wear a facial moisturiser with SPF30+ every day of the year regardless of the weather. It’s important to remember that even if you’re in a shaded area, damaging UV rays can still filter through clouds, clothing and the shade of a tree.

3. What are you top sun protection tips? What products do you use?

Keep your protection plan simple so you action it daily. If you need five different sunscreens for each member of the family, it becomes a hassle and will no doubt fall by the wayside. I swear by SunSense Ultra Milk for my body, and my husband and I both use SunSense Daily Face year round so we’re getting SPF30+ protection to fight off any further premature ageing.

4. What SPF do you use for yourself and your family? 

SPF 30+ for everything.  We would never use anything with a lesser SPF.

5. Your best beauty tip?

Try to keep your skin as clean as possible, drink lots of wear and trust me, sunscreen really is something we should all be wearing daily. Only let a professional touch your eyebrows and leave the perm for poodles!

6. What is your top beauty bargain?

You can’t go past what the kitchen cupboard has to offer! I’ve always loved homemade remedies like oatmeal masks, Manuka honey for grazes and cuts, sugar body scrubs and a dollop of olive oil in your bath.

7. What are your beauty bag essentials?
I’m into easy beauty. SunSense Daily Face, Lanolin on the lips, olive oil on the nails…and just about everywhere else for that matter.

Catriona is a big believer in sun protection. So much so she is the ambassador for an important education program travelling the country this summer. The SunSensibility UV Photobus is a roving skin clinic that offers free UV skin checks in a bid to educate us all on better protection practices and how we may just be able to reverse some of the damage done.

“I was a shocked to see the results of my UV image,” said Rowntree. “Sure, I’ve spent virtually every day outdoors growing up in Australia and travelling for work, but I thought because I’d worn a daily SPF for 20 years I’d be fine. Nope, you can never be too careful…. and it goes to show that SPF in makeup isn’t enough to prevent skin damage. It’s been an important wake-up call and something I’d encourage everyone to do if they can.”

For more information on the SunSense UV Photobus dates, locations and how to get involved, visit

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