The Caveman Beauty Routine

March 22, 2015
The Caveman Beauty Routine

Ever heard of the caveman beauty routine? It’s all about using age-old remedies for beautiful, glowing skin without the harmful chemicals and additives found in many skincare and beauty products.

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Specifically targeted for those suffering from acne, the routine actually encourages you to cut down on common beauty products and let your skin actually heal itself from the inside out.

What are the main objectives?

The caveman beauty routine is actually split into two parallel objectives; that less is more, and you should do what feels right for your own skin.

Less is more: This approach is all about letting your skin breathe and cutting down the amount of unnecessary product you apply (and remove) on a daily basis. Rather, the objective is to decrease the use of cleansers and other popular skincare products which could be doing you more harm than good.

What feels right: The wonderful part about the caveman routine is that you can adapt some of its principles into your own skincare. Sometimes exfoliating on a daily basis might not suit your skin type, but it might be doing your friend a world of good.

Skincare is never a one size fits all approach, but rather, it’s about finding what works for you – albeit through trial and error.

What if my skin gets worse?

The issue with using new skincare products or stopping them for a short period of time, means that your skin needs time to re-adjust. Sometimes it can relax and release more sebum (natural oil), and other times you might notice small bumps or acne spots. But this very well could stem from your diet, so keep a diary to track your progress as you change up your skincare.

What are the main principles of the caveman routine?

Traditionally, the caveman routine has been quite strict about what you can, and cannot put on your face. The stricter rules include:

  • Avoiding washing your face on a daily basis – in turn letting your skin regulate or train itself. No soap, no water.
  • No makeup of any kind.
  • Strictly no exfoliating, steaming, or even a simple facial on the skin.

How can I incorporate this into my own routine?

These rules should only be used as a general guide, and perhaps even discussed at length with your dermatologist. Not exfoliating, cleansing, or even removing makeup can cause pores to clog and even create additional acne – eek!

If you do want to cut down on the amount of skincare products, use a consistent routine which doesn’t jump from one item to the other. This could be causing your skin to break out in the first place, especially factored in with a healthy, balanced diet.

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