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Celeb Couples

Celeb Couples

Celeb Couples

The happy couple
The hottest couple of the moment is of course, Britney Spears and her new husband Kevin Federline. After she said reported on their nuptials last week, there is now controversy over whether they are indeed actually married. According to People magazine (which has exclusive rights to pictures of the wedding) the marriage was indeed real, although the couple has yet to file a marriage license with LA authorities. According to a California marriage-licensing department administrator, a marriage with only a religious ceremony isn?t legal until an official license is obtained. Spears realises this, saying, “I know we’re not completely legal until we file the licence… but in a real sense, a spiritual sense, we’re married. I believe you can marry in your heart and that means much more than a piece of paper… You can write anything down on paper, but the real truth is love. We know we have that. I’m really upset that somebody someplace decides to ruin a special day that I’ve dreamed about since I was a little girl.”

It is legal?
The pair comes clean
Federline told People magazine that their special day was almost ruined because of the paparazzi. The date of the wedding was originally set for October 16, but when the location of the wedding was leaked, they realised they were going to have to make drastic changes. ?We were being stalked every day. So the only way we could really avoid all that is to push up the wedding date and do it immediately.? Kevin said of their first married evening together, “it was great – all night.” And the pair verified their blissful state, “I don’t think we’ve woken up. It’s like a dream.” The next step is motherhood, with the pair hoping to have their first child together in 2005.

Bennifer the second
Bennifer update
Rumours are flying over Bennifer II, the blossoming romance between Ben Affleck and his second Jen ? Jennifer Garner. After the media storm surrounding Ben?s romance with Jennifer Lopez, he has proclaimed to USA today, he?s “certainly not going to talk about who I am or am not dating. I speak on behalf of beleaguered America: This is enough.” According to reports, the romance is blossoming though. The pair have been spotted in Savannah, Georgia where Ben has a property, and West Virginia where part of the Garner family resides. Meanwhile, the Lopez variety of Jen has maintained that despite media speculation over the health of her marriage, she is happily in love. She told American talkshow host Diane Sawyer, “What do I know about marriage? I think I’ve learned that both people have to really wanna be there,” she said. “It’s how you treat each other when you’re hurt. I think that’s the most important thing – because it’s all great when everything’s fun and great and lovely, but I think in the hard times is when a marriage becomes a marriage or it just falls apart.”

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