Celebrities hide shoes, too!

March 23, 2010

Emma Thompson has to hide new shoes from her husband. Have you ever kept a shopping secret from yours?

The British actress – who is married to her ‘Sense and Sensibility’ co-star Greg Wise – loves buying lavish footwear and has come up with several novel ways of smuggling new pairs into her home without upsetting her spouse according to Bang Showbiz.

She said: “He says, ‘”Please don’t tell me that there’s another pair of shoes coming into the house?’ So I have to hide them, or scuff them so that they don’t look new, or pretend that they cost 75p in a charity shop.”
When she does manage to bring home designer shoes, Emma is often met with amusing comments from Greg.

Discussing her latest purchase of patent Chanel boots, the 50-year-old star quipped: “He gave me a Nazi salute.”

The 43-year-old actor also disliked the eyelash extensions Emma recently experimented with.

She explained: “He recoiled in horror with the words, ‘Spider attack, spider attack!’”

Has your husband ever vetoed a purchase of yours or hated a beauty or fashion trend? My man doesn’t understand the maxi dress trend, even though I love them.

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