Celebrities predict the future!

April 27, 2010

To mark the success of its 2 Years Fixed Price car cover NRMA Insurance asks Aussie celebs to share their 2012 driving predictions. Here’s what they came up with.

‘NRMA Insurance driving futurists’ 2012 predictions:

• Chris Vermeulen – Motorcycle Champion and MotoGP Rider: “In 2012 I think there will be more regulations for young and new drivers to make them more aware of the dangers.”

• Sarah Wilson – TV presenter: “Call me crazy, but I sense in 2012 we will be calmer and more compassionate drivers, in part because we’ll have become too exhausted by our road rage! But also because we’ll have learnt more “flow” – letting people in, merging gracefully, moving comfortably with cyclists and buses – will get us to our destination in much better shape.”

• Vic Lorusso –Radio and TV Traffic Reporter: “I predict drivers in 2012 will be restricted from eating and drinking when driving – not just from using their mobile phones!” v
• Daniel Widdowson – Actor and writer: “The way petrol prices are headed, I predict that by 2012 all Australians will either be on LPG or driving mopeds.”

• Jonathan ‘Jono’ Coleman – Host of the Jono and Dano Show and TV personality: “I believe that by 2012 we need some new safety inventions… like full body airbags… in fact… if it doesn’t happen soon… I’ll have to invent my own.”

• Darren Glass – AFL player and West Coast Eagles Captain: “Because of Western Australia’s growing population and ever increasing traffic, I predict there will be more networks of safe cycle paths, linking together to create easy access to the city and its surrounding hub, to encourage more people to cycle to work in 2012.”

• Darren Lockyer – Brisbane Broncos, Queensland & Australian Captain: “As fuel becomes more expensive I predict more people will trade-in their 4×4 vehicles in Australia in 2012 for smaller cars.”

• Brett Ebert – AFL player for Port Adelaide Football Club: “As South Australians are such big country drivers, I think the biggest change we’ll see in the next two years is a general slowing down on our country roads to lessen the impact of road fatalities. Drivers are becoming more aware that it’s better to take off 10 km of speed to arrive safely at their destination.”

• Amber Petty – TV Personality and co host on Adelaide’s SAFM breakfast show ‘Rabbit, Amber and Cosi’: “I predict in 2012 it will not be the ‘end of the world’, and we ‘will’ continue to drive. Whether our financial situation may change as it has the past couple of years, who knows? But will it be for the better? That we don’t know.”

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