Celebrity Airport Style

February 13, 2014

Want to look chic, not shabby, while travelling? Ditch the tracky dacks – here’s how to get celebrity airport style for less.

Eva Longoria’s chic scarf
Flights are never comfortable: one minute they’re too hot, the next they’re too cold. And sometimes you get a blanket and other times they’re all out. Wrapping yourself up in a light but warm scarf, like Eva, is essential. Plus a scarf always elevates a boring outfit and instantly makes you look like a high flier.

We love: Target Light Weight Jersey Scarf.


Rihanna’s yoga pants
Comfy, stylish, and warm – yoga pants are a traveller’s best friend. Rihanna’s red lipstick might be a bit too much, but a slick of lip stain when you get off a long-haul flight does wonders to help you feel put together.

We love: Lululemon Yin Year Sweatpants are super cosy with a soft waistband that won’t dig into you during a 10+ hour flight.


Beyonce’s printed summer dress
Summertime and the living is easy, especially if you’re jetting off somewhere beachy like Beyonce did last year to the south of France. Pop a pair of fabulous earrings in your handbag for a pop of instant glam.

We love: MUUI Tiger Stripe Dress


Jessica Alba’s fitted blazer
Want to arrive in style to the airport? Top your favourite jeans and blouse with a fitted blazer for the perfect business casual outfit. Ask the steward to hang your jacket up or carefully fold it and place it on top of your overhead luggage.

We love: Target’s Limited Edition Satin Trim Blazer looks like a designer piece without the price tag.


Miranda Kerr’s maxi dress
If you need to get off the plane and head straight to an event, do like Miranda and wear a loose, flowing dress which is both comfortable and chic. Slip your heels into a tote and wear flip flops on the plane, then change just before you get off, ready for the paparazzi!

We love: Arlene Dip Hem Maxi Dress.

What’s your go-to travelling outfit?

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