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June 29, 2009

It’s been a slow old week when it comes to gossip. Clearly everyone is laying low after the news about Michael Jackson’s death. But here’s an update of what happened over the weekend.

Ashlee shows off Bronx

Ashlee Simpson took to her Twitter page on Thursday to release this new photo of her seven-month-old baby boy, Bronx Mowgli, with the following message “DearDad,I drank when I wanna,drool when I wanna,spit up where I gotta.Who needs sleep.It’s my worldU2livin it.Luv BX”. Cute!

The Bodyguard 2

We hear reports that teen queen Miley Cyrus is teaming up with our very own Hugh Jackman in a remake of “The Bodyguard”. The remake, called “Personal Security”, will see Hugh play a NYC police detective who is forced to become the bodyguard of a spoiled teen heiress who is involved in a kidnap threat. Let’s just hope the two don’t fall in love like the first film because that would just be weird! What do you think?

Kendra Wilkinson gets hitched!

For the three of you who care ex Playmate, Kendra Wilkinson, married her football star fiance, Hank Baskett, on Saturday at the Playboy mansion. How classy! Her ex-boyfriend, Hugh Hefner, was there along with his three new girlfriends. What do you think? Would you get married at the Playboy mansion?

Whitney’s dating advice

Star of “The City”, Whitney Port, is ready to start dating in a big way! She recently told Us Magazine that her philosophy was, “Just be open to all different possibilities and all different types. Try not to overanalyse things or put too much pressure on things because it’s just fun to meet a lot of people, to date around, to figure out what you really want and what really works for you.” And what about exes? “I think in an ideal world, of course you want to stay friends with your exes. I mean, there was something there. There was a reason you liked each other in the first place! But you know, the world isn’t always perfect, and sometimes we have to let people go and move forward and sometimes you can’t do that if you’re still having a relationship—even if it’s just as friends.” Do you agree?

Would you buy Amy Winehouse wrapping paper?

British newspaper, the Sun, reports that the troubled singer’s record label have come up with a line of wrapping paper and greeting cards inspired by the singer’s work. “The first item in the Winehouse range will be wrapping paper with the chorus of ‘Rehab’ emblazoned all over it,” a source tells the paper. “The Amy-branded cards are classy too. ‘You Know I’m No Good’ is best for heartfelt apologies and ‘Back To Black,’ with an appropriate wreath, will be the respectful response to a bereavement.” Hmmmm, somehow we’re not convinced. Would you buy it?

Brad and Jen just friends

And no we don’t mean Brad Pitt. The Brad who has been generating a lot of Jen buzz recently is actor Bradley Cooper. But despite repeated reports to the contrary the 34-year-old actor insists they are just mates. “She’s a friend of mine. Simply, simply, just a friend. In America, it’s not like it is here (in France). She’s someone who is super, super known. Famous. If someone says ‘hello’ to her, it’s given that he’s fallen in love with her. So, no. No. She’s a very, very interesting woman, but she’s simply a friend.” Why deny it Bradley? This has to be the most media attention you’ve ever got!

Dita dates a count

This certainly won’t blow your socks off for being the juiciest piece of gossip of this week but we just had to post it because … well you’ll see why! The ex-wife of Marilyn Manson and burlesque babe, Dita Von Teese, is dating a Count. That’s right! The woman who is best known for stripping her way around Hollywood has landed herself a Count. I didn’t even know they had Counts anymore! Good on ya Dita.

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