Celebrity Beauty Secrets

April 11, 2011

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Sarah Jessica Parker on perfume:

“I’ve learned a thing or two about perfume application. We apply a fragrance, and then we rip it apart by rubbing our wrists together. The key is to apply it and just let it sit for a while. No rubbing.”

Lady Gaga on sleeping in makeup (she’s a fan!):

When asked how many nights per week she goes to bed wearing makeup: “Seven. That is not good for your skin, but I’m blessed with good genes.”

Liv Tyler favourite skincare product:
“I love the Clarisonic! It makes my skin feel so bright and sparkly!”

Julianne Moore’s winter skin saver:

“This cream (Kiehl’s Rose Arctica Youth Regenerating Cream) has been fantastic during this brutal winter.”

Jennifer Aniston’s $2 beauty secret:

“I wash with the same soap that I have since I was a teenager, which is Neutrogena. And that’s it!”

How Kate Winslet achieves her beautiful skin:

“I use Tracie Martyin Shakti Resculpting Body Cream every day, all over my body. It truly is incredible.”

What is your favourite beauty secret?

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