Celebrity Beauty Trend: Eyelash Perming

March 21, 2015
Celebrity Beauty Trend: Eyelash Perming

Here’s another crazy beauty trend for you, ever heard of the eyelash perm?

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The technique is basically the same as if you’re getting your hair permed, except it’s on your lashes! No more wasting time with an eyelash curler, which let’s face it, doesn’t suit everyone’s eye shape – and this lasts for much longer. So what’s the deal with eyelash perming, where can you get it done and is it safe?

What is eyelash perming?

Eyelash perming is a semi-permanent procedure which involves curling small sections of your lashes with a special adhesive.

How does it work?

The lashes are wrapped in a thin sponge which administers a special type of glue. All you need to do is keep your eyes closed and the beauty therapist will wrap your lashes then let them set for a few minutes. A few are done at a time to receive the maximum benefits of the glue.

Celebrity Beauty Trend: Eyelash Perming

Is eyelash perming safe?

Although it might seem a little extreme, it is actually quite safe. The glue won’t disrupt your vision or break your skin out into a rash, so there is no need to worry about any side-effects popping up. Your beauty therapist will usually ask you before the procedure if there is anything your skin is allergic to, also.

Before booking the appointment, make sure your beauty therapist has completed a relevant training course and always take a look at their reviews online – just to be safe.

What are the main advantages of eyelash perming?

Although the advantages are mostly cosmetic, they can help your overall self-esteem. They’re also ideal for women (and men!), who have long, straight lashes that never quite hold a curl. This creates a less-tired appearance and will last for about 3 months before the procedure needs to be repeated.

It is also a great alternative for women who have thin or sparse lashes and want to minimise the amount of mascara and other product they apply onto them.

Are there any side effects?

Since lashes usually have a cycle of 90 days until they fall out and re-grow once again, you might experience the occasional shedding – but this is completely normal! It won’t disrupt the natural cycle of your lashes, and, if anything, it will decrease the amount of product you put on them!

How long does it take?

The procedure can vary for each beauty therapist, but it should take no longer than 1 hour in most cases. The average price is set at $50 per set, but can increase depending on the state of your lashes and the demand your beauty therapist has.

It’s really that simple! Would you ever get your lashes permed?

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