Celebrity Fitness Secrets

September 6, 2011

Sick of celebrities telling us they never work out and can eat whatever they like? Well, they do work out and we’ve tracked down their exercise of choice, from Kate Winslet to Cameron Diaz.

Jennifer Aniston

Impressed by Jen’s super-toned thighs? Her secret? Yoga. Jen is a fan of Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy and better still, it’s available on DVD. “This workout will change your body and your mind,” raves Jen. “This is one of the most fun, challenging workouts I’ve ever had.”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria is also a fan of Yogalosophy, which aims to sculpt muscles while releasing your emotional energy. The new mum prefers to do the workout at home three times a week, including right up to the birth of daughter Harper in July.

Jennifer Garner

Jen has a great attitude towards fitness, one that we can all adapt to our busy lifestyles. “I started feeling like I didn’t have time or energy for (exercise),” she told Self magazine, “but now I realise I didn’t have energy because I wasn’t exercising. So I work out with my trainer or do an hour of pilates at 6 or 7am. I’m done by the time my household is awake. I don’t do it every day, and if I need to cancel, I cancel.”

Kate Winslet

Better dust off those exercise DVDs! Kate is another fan of exercising at home, and prefers fitting in a pilates DVD workout rather than going to the gym. “No one’s looking at you or telling you to work harder. It’s my way of exercising in a time-efficient way.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron’s super strong pins and abs are the result of serious training. Her long-time trainer, Teddy Bass, recently told US Magazine that her exercise routine is a combination of Pilates, cardio, and weight training. “That seems to be the best combination for women over 30,” Bass said. “Women need weight – it’s great for building the butt. And elongation and smallness is tapped by doing pilates.”

Reese Witherspoon

Reece has recently been spotted enjoying beach time with her kids and new husband, looking amazing in a bikini. Unlike other gym junkies, Reece favours good old fashioned running. “I like to run for about an hour and I’m big into working out with girlfriends,” she told InStyle magazine.

Are you a gym junkie or do you prefer yoga and pilates? What’s your favourite type of exercise?

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