Celebrity Hairstyles: Jennifer Lawrence’s New Pixie Cut

November 6, 2013

What is it with celebrity hairstyles lately? Earlier today, Jennifer Aniston premiered a new short bob, and now Jennifer Lawrence has showed off her new pixie cut!

Just a week after Pamela Anderson cut her hair into an ultra short pixie crop, the Hunger Games actress has posted a pic of her new ultra short hairstyle on Facebook with the caption: “Headed up north for #GLOBALFANDAY with The Hunger Games Catching Fire cast.”

What do you think of her pixie cut?


Meanwhile Jennifer Aniston’s short bob has got tongues wagging. The actress suffered a disastrous Brazilian hair straightening treatment and decided to cut six inches off her hair. Her new bob, which her BFF celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan is calling an “un-precious bob”, sits two inches above her shoulders and took “a few hours to get right.”

“I didn’t want to give her one big chop,” McMillan told Allure. “I did it slowly and gradually. Three inches, then another inch, then another inch, until I cut about six inches. I used every tool I had—scissors, razor, thinning shears, broken glass (kidding). But I wanted it to look chewed off and lived in.”

Aniston is loving her new short cut because it’s so easy to style.

“Jen won’t have to blow it out and style it,” he writes. The point is to let her natural waves come in and maybe tuck it back on one side. In the past, I’ve given her dramatic cuts and she misses her long hair. What woman wouldn’t miss long hair? A short cut takes some getting used to. But she’s really happy with this cut. So am I. It suits her.”

So it seems the new trend for celebrity hairstyles is short, shorter, shortest!

Would you cut your hair to a short bob or pixie cut?

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