Celebrity Hairstylist Barney Martin’s Winter Hair Care Fixes

July 25, 2012

With winter wrecking havoc on your hair, hairstylist to the stars and Pantene Ambassador Barney Martin shares his top tips on caring for your hair whether your locks are suffering from breakage, frizz or split ends.

Winter Hair Problem: breakage and hair fall

Keeping hair off your face is imperative to reduce distractions when taking part in gymnastics, badminton, volleyball or tennis, however that doesn’t mean your strands needs to suffer when the game is over. While hair is up in a tight pony tail or bun, breakage can occur if using snagging hair elastics, and hair fall may arise if pony tail or bun is fastened too tightly.

Barney’s solution

When putting hair up, Barney suggests using non-snag hair elastics that don’t have a metal connector, which can cause unnecessary breakage. He also suggests using a smoothing hair serum or oil, such as Pantene Intensive Damage Repair Oil. “Using the Intensive Damage Repair oil before putting hair in a pony tail will reduce friction between strands and prevent damage”, says Barney.

Winter Hair Problem: frizzy hair

Whether you’re a regular power walker or love the adventure of mountain biking and hiking, spending time outdoors, particularly in humid environments, will eventually cause hair to frizz. Outdoor humidity, as well as body moisture from exercise causes the hair shaft to open, creating fly-away’s and frizz.

Barney’s solution

To combat frizzy hair, try a leave-on smoothing crème. The Pantene Intense Smoothening Leave on Crème, RRP $6.99, can be applied to wet or dry hair, and works to create a barrier against moisture particles in the air. The lightweight formula deeply nourishes hair, making it silky smooth and soft without the frizz.

Winter Hair Problem: split ends

While your swimming routine may be working wonders for a toned body, swimming and diving in chlorinated water or holidaying at the beach wrecks havoc on fragile locks. Chlorine breaks down amino acids in hair which results in weak strands that are more susceptible to split ends. In addition, swimming caps can damage hair by causing breakage and knots.

Barney’s solution

To help prevent damage from your morning swim as well as every day styling, apply an intensive moisturising treatment mask three times per week. Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Mask, RRP $9.99, is enriched with Pro-Vitamins, which help to condition hair and undo damage caused by heat styling and chlorine. When swimming in chlorinated water or the ocean, Barney recommends wetting hair with fresh water first, to prevent hair cuticles absorbing drying chemicals present in the water.

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