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June 9, 2010

Lily Cole says exercise makes her feels better

Lily Cole exercises to make herself feel better. The supermodel – who has just completed her second year of college – says she likes to make the effort to work out regularly as it benefits her both physically and mentally although admits she sometimes doesn’t always have the time.

Lily – who earlier this week launched Gatwick Runway Models, a search to find both a female and male model to sign up for exclusive agency Storm – told BANG Showbiz: “My exercise regime depends on my schedule. In the last few months I haven’t really done anything as I’ve been busy revising and then I’ll go through phases where I’ll really make an effort and I’ll feel much better in myself when I’ve been exercising and eating really healthy it makes me happier to have endorphins running around my body so I tend to do Yoga a lot and Pilates and just eat, healthy food.”

Despite not exercising as much as she would like to, Lily says her diet has been healthier in recent months because she hasn’t had the time to go out drinking as she’s been doing exams. She said: “I still ate fairly healthily over the last month, perhaps more healthily because I’ve been drinking less! But I guess that’s exercise out of the window, it’s not a priority when I have a lot of work to do.”

Cameron Diaz’s still greaving for her Dad

Cameron Diaz still feels her father’s presence everywhere. The ‘Bad Teacher’ actress – whose dad Emilio Diaz passed away two years ago aged 58 – admits she was unprepared of the devastation she would feel when he died, but has gradually come to terms with her loss. She told Britain’s Vogue magazine: “There was this period of terrible numbness. And it’s impossible for anyone to know what’s it like until it happens to you. It had happened to friends of mine and I’d go, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry’, but in reality? How could I be truly sorry when I didn’t know what it meant?

She says “No one can ever underestimate how devastating it is. But at the same time what I’ve learnt about losing someone so close is that my life is full of his presence.” The 37-year-old blonde beauty was always close to her father, and thinks he helped her learn to survive because he taught her how to defend herself growing up. She said: “You got picked on if you didn’t stand up for yourself or take what was coming at you. And as my dad always said, your bite needs to be as good as your bark.”

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