Celebrity Mums Doing The School Run

Celebrity Mums Doing The School Run

Sarah Jessica Parker’s huge smile is the best send off for son James Wilkie, 7.

Apple, 5, doesn’t look too happy while Moses, 3, just looks really cute as Gwyneth drops them off to school in London.

Michelle Williams nails the librarian chic look as she takes Matilda, 4, to school in Brooklyn.

Trust Cate Blanchett to look as normal as we do when we do the school run. Here she is taking Dashiell, 8, and Roman, 5 to school in NYC.

Celebs love French schools for their children and Kate Hudson is no different. She pulls off double denim as she drops Ryder, 6, off at the Lycee Francais in LA.

Images: People

Who’s your favourite celebrity mum?

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