Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2011

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions

Ryan Reynolds

“It’s to take a little bit more time off.” After announcing he and wife Scarlett Johansson are about to divorce, no wonder Ryan is looking to refocus and take some time for himself!S

Justin Timberlake

“Just some sleep — some time and some sleep. Unless something comes along that’s like the most unbelievable project, I’m going to take some time off.” Sleep sounds good to us too!

Paris Hilton

“Eat healthy, and work out more!” Hmm…how original.

Jack Black

“My New Year’s resolution is to drop 50 pounds.” Wonder if he’ll still be so cute and cuddly!

Kim Kardashian

“To stay in shame – get in shape!” Hmm, Kim looks pretty amazing so hearing her say she wants to get in shape makes me rethink reaching for that leftover Christmas chocolate…

Miley Cyrus

“I want to go on some cool trips. I want to travel. I want to make this the year that I go out and do what I’m here to do, and that’s to help people and make people happy.” Doesn’t this sound just like a Miss Universe speech?

Katrina Warren

“To simplify my life and finish the unfinished!” Definitely borrowing this one!

Julia Morris

“My New Year’s resolution is that I am going to hide less from the children and when they cry in the night I am going to not feign sleep as much. No guarantees though.” I can hear all mothers nodding their heads at this one!

What are your new year’s resolutions?

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