Celebrity Pregnancy Food Cravings

January 28, 2011

Celebrity Pregnancy Food Cravings

Victoria Beckham

She might be hoping for a girl this time, but David Beckham says his wife can’t get enough of good ol’ orange marmalade spread on toast washed down with English breakfast tea. The best of British!

Natalie Portman

Natalie is craving “anything with vinegar” and after starving herself for her performance in Black Swan says she’s eating anything she feels like!


Another celeb craving sour foods. “I’ve always had a really, really close relationship with all kinds of food, so I’m good there,” says Pink. “Sour Patch Kids, or Sour Skittles, sour anything.”

Christina Applegate

Due to give birth any minute, the gorgeous actress seemed to crave everything. “Besides avocados, just weird things at weird hours. Food. Food’s a craving!”

Mariah Carey

A healthy craving just doesn’t seem right, does it? “I don’t know what it is, but I’m just about fruit for some reason.”

We want to know – what were your pregnancy cravings?

Image: Daily Mail

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