Are There Celebrity Secrets To Losing Baby Weight?

July 29, 2014

Isn’t it amazing that a celebrity can bounce back to their fabulous pre-baby figure just a few months after giving birth, while most us struggle to lose that weight within a year, or perhaps we never do.  So how do they do it?  Of course the luxury of being a celebrity normally means they have plenty of money to spend on personal trainers, dieticians and chefs, but with a little hard work and dedication you too can fit back into those skinny jeans and ditch the maternity jeans once and for all.

Eating a good balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and exercising at least three times a week should have you well on your way to getting back into those pre-maternity clothes.  But if you’re interested in how the celebrities did it, here’s how:

Jessica Alba

Jessica kept herself trim whilst pregnant by walking, doing prenatal yoga and stability bike exercises which meant that she didn’t put on a huge amount of weight.  After her baby was born it was reported that she stuck to the 321 Baby Be Gone plan which involves hour long workouts for five days a week.  These workouts were divided into three cardio sessions, two strength training sessions and one ten minute core workout.  Her top secret though was that she wore a double corset, day and night for three months.  Sounds uncomfortable!

Jennifer Lopez

She lost 18 kilograms after the birth of her twins thanks to a calorie controlled diet meaning she could eat no more than 1,400 calories a day.  Team that with some vigorous ninety minute workouts and some high intensity cardio dance exercises and you have yourself an incredible post baby figure.  She also competed in a triathlon not long after her babies were born so that alone was motivation for her to lose the weight.

Jenny McCarthy

Petite framed Jenny McCarthy put on 36kg’s during her pregnancy with her son Evan.  After the birth she credited her weight-loss to Weight Watchers which taught her about portion control and calorie counting.  She has since also cut out gluten and dairy from her diet to match that of her son who is autistic and shed even more kilos.

Heidi Klum

Heidi lost her baby weight in six months after the birth of her child and says that breast-feeding was the main factor in her rapid weight loss.  Another secret weapon she used was taking photos of herself in the nude to keep track of how her body was transforming and to motivate herself to exercise.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth has an incredible figure after giving birth to her two children and she credits that to her wellness and fitness consultant Tracy Anderson who also works with Shakira and Madonna.  She works out five days a week at 10am so it’s a part of her daily routine and never lifts weights heavier than 1.5 kilos.  She’s also a fan of regular detoxes to cleanse her body and says that she exercises during spare moments at home when the kids are around too.

Do you think these are ‘secrets’ or just commonsense when it comes to healthy eating and exercise?

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