Celebrity Style: Ballet Flats

April 13, 2014
ballet flats, shoes, style, fashion, celebrity fashion
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With news that even Victoria Beckham is now wearing ballerinas, women are breathing a sigh of relief and ditching their heels for feet-friendly flats. Luckily, when we want to look fashionable without suffering, we can opt for a killer pair of ballet flats because they go with everything – from your favourite work outfit to casual weekends. Here are the trendiest celebs sporting ballet flats around.

Miranda Kerrs Neon Flats


ballet flats, shoes, style, fashion, celebrity fashion

Because these ballet flats (Louboutin, who else?) have a pointed toe, they help Miranda’s already long legs seem miles longer, and the thin ankle straps accentuate a slim ankle. The neon hue adds a fun pop of colour to any outfit.


ballet flats, shoes, style, fashion, celebrity fashion

We often see Beyonce dancing around in 6-inch heels and rarely does she go for sensible shoes. However, we have spotted her in a pair of adorable ballets, like these Topshop kitten ballets, which are perfect for a busy mother who doesn’t want to sacrifice style. These flats are versatile enough to be worn with shorts, pants, dresses and skirts, making them the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Katy Perry

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ballet flats, shoes, style, fashion, celebrity fashion

Her quirky style makes her stand out from other celebrities, but even Perry can’t say no to a pair of ballet flats. She’s often been spotted in cute ballets, whether hanging out with friends or riding a bike around town!

Nicole Kidman

ballet flats, shoes, style, fashion, celebrity fashion

Nicole always dresses to impress and loves to wear classic, chic pieces, like at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Flats in neutral tones like Nicole’s are perfect for running errands because they’re polished, comfortable and long-lasting. Pair with skinny jeans or capri pants a la Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

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