Name: Antoinette BeendersAge: 37

Current role?
Currently Global Style Director of Aveda and Creative Director of the Aveda Salon at the Aveda Institute, Covent Garden, London. I am responsible for providing the direction, vision and training for Aveda?s Hair Cutting and Styling programs, establishing trends, developing products and leading the company?s education initiatives.

Where are you with your own business?
I am in the process of opening my own salon, Beenders Bespoke Hair, in London and there are other things in the pipeline which I am really looking forward to as well. My husband is my business partner and I am very happy.

What was your inspiration to become involved in the hairdressing business?
It was the film 10, featuring Bo Derek?s braids which convinced me to become a hairdresser. My Dad was an established photographer and I did my first photo shoot at the age of 14, creating braids on a model. I did ballet at the time and my ballet teacher loved them so I did her hair too. Some of her clients were celebrities and they loved them so much I was doing braids on their hair as well! As a result of this I found myself a Saturday job at a local salon in my home town in Holland.

Best lessons learnt so far?
Hairdressing to me is more about just cutting hair ? it?s about working with people. I like to talk to my clients. I find them really inspirational

Advice to others who want to success in the hairdressing industry?
Love your job. Work hard and ensure you do the best in anything you do.

Favourite Hairdressers?
Trevor Sorbie. One day when I was about 18, I saw a show which Trevor Sorbie did in Amsterdam. I was spellbound and knew then I had to work for him. It took a while, but I moved to London and applied to his salon for a job. I had to do two cuts which I thought were great, but looking back they were awful. I didn?t speak English, the interview didn?t go too well and I didn?t get the job. With persistence though, I got the job and worked with Trevor for years, eventually becoming his Artistic Director. Trevor is like a father to me and I still call him Dad when I see him.

Celebrity Clients?
Elle MacPherson; Liv Tyler; Kate Winslet; Sophie Dahl; Catherine Zeta Jones; Sadie Frost; Jude Law; Cate Blanchett.

5 hair tips?
1. Refresh your image ? don?t renovate it
2. Try a bit of colour to see how it feels
3. Experiement with fringes ? long or short, wispy or chunky
4. Change your texture, not necessarily your length. If your hair is blunt, try having some layers cut and if it?s soft and wispy, try a rounder style
5. Don?t go for a new style just because a celebrity has it. Find a style that suits you

Personal style
I?m a shoe AND bag girl. I have more than 60 pairs of shoes with almost as many bags to match. I?ve been known to take a suitcase of shoes away with me on trips.

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