Celebrity Trainer Diet Secrets

June 22, 2011

Celebrity Trainer Body Secrets

Celebrity trainer Bobby Strom has worked with everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Leonard DiCaprio’s new squeeze, Blake Lively. So how does he get his star clients into red-hot shape?

Diet secrets

For helping get Blake Lively and gorgeous co-star Ryan Reynolds into shape for their latest roles in The Green Lantern, Strom put them on a meal plan, which started with oatmeal for breakfast.

“It may sound a little boring but it’s a very good complex carbohydrate, which is really low in fat. I’d put fresh fruit in it – usually berries like blueberries. Then I added a little almond milk to sweeten it and a bit of protein powder so they got some carbohydrate and protein in one meal and I also added some flaxseeds which are essential fats.”

For lunch Lively, 23, and Reynolds, 34, ate chicken breast or tuna (not canned) and salad. Dinner is similar, with a lean steak and salad finished with a simply oil and vinegar dressing. Strom allows a small amount of carbs, like sweet potato or brown rice.

“Vegetables are carbohydrates that you can eat in bulk. You could eat a lot of grilled vegetables,” says the 54 year-old trainer.

Bobby Strom’s top tips:

No candy:

“Eat one little candy bar and you have the same calories as eating a whole trough of salad and vegetables with steak or fish.”

No alcohol:

“Alcohol is the biggest no-no because it’s just empty calories.”

Tomorrow we’ll be featuring Bobby Strom’s top exercise secrets!

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