Celebrity Trainer Fitness Secrets

June 23, 2011

Celebrity Trainer Fitness Secrets

Celebrity trainer Bobby Strom has whipped some of the biggest stars into shape, from Scarlett Johannson to Britney Spears. Here’s his top tips for getting a Hollywood-worthy body.

Celebrity work out

Strom got Scarlett Johansson in shape for her role as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2. She trained with him every day for five months, doing 1.5-2 hour sessions from push ups and squats, to kick-boxing.

Exercise smarter, not harder

Strom says the most important exercise tip is to exercise in smaller amounts but regularly. “I would rather people did 30 minutes six days a week than a few hours in one session and nothing for the rest of the week.”

Mix it up

Strom believes the best exercise you can do is circuit training – short bursts of different exercises including cardio and resistance training.

“You’re working all of your body parts. Plus you’re getting your cardio and your strength training in the same session…It is the most effective way to change your body,” he says.

Top tip

Change your routine every day to keep things interesting, advises Strom.

What’s your favourite form of exercise? Do you find it harder to exercise during winter?

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