Do Cellulite Treatments Actually Work?

December 9, 2014

There’s no denying how cute dimples are when you smile, but dimples that appear on your other cheeks is one that most women and men would like to change. The dimple-like appearance that finds a home on your hips, thighs and buttocks – known as cellulite – is one of the biggest body complaints among women.

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A cosmetic condition that affects nearly 90% of women and 10% of men, cellulite can affect all body shapes and sizes in men and women of all ages. Whilst not everything has been proven, there’s many factors said to influence the on-set of cellulite from hormonal issues to genetics. Whilst the condition is known to men too, it’s much more common in women due to the lack of strength in the tissue fat (septae) compared to that of men.

With so many myths surrounding the treatment of cellulite, women and men question all over what will really work for them. Here’s a few to get you started:

1. Cellulite is just regular fat

When it comes to treating cellulite, one of the biggest myths people believe is that cellulite is just regular fat. Women and men attempt dramatic dieting to rid the dreaded dimples and wonder why it’s not working. Whilst cellulite does indeed involve fat, it’s not that extra weight we immediately think of. Cellulite is a type of fat that accumulates in small sections just below the skin which cause the skin to appear dimpled.

Because it’s not the standard fat around you stomach and thighs, it goes without saying that cellulite can occur on anyone. You can be super skinny and still suffer from the cosmetic condition, or you can be a regular weight or obese. That being said, its important drastic diet measures should not be taken to try rid cellulite.

What you can do instead: Maintain a healthy weight and a healthy diet. Whilst this will by no means cure cellulite, a healthier lifestyle will minimise the chance of your body fat converting to cellulite fat.

2. Cellulite can be cured by miracle creams

Contrary to popular belief, applying creams and other body lotions that claim to make cellulite disappear won’t help either. The problem with cellulite is below the skin’s surface to using over-the-counter treatments that get applied to the outside of your skin aren’t going to do the trick.

The reason these creams are promoted as cellulite saving solutions is because of the caffeine they contain in them. Caffeine can be a useful ingredient to temporarily tighten the skin and consequently, it can give the impression it will work. Unfortunately though, this really is just a temporary solution and doesn’t tackle the underlying problem.

What you can do instead: Opt for an in-salon treatment known as mesotherapy. This process requires the use of vitamin and plant extract injections which assist in improving your body’s circulation and metabolism. Alternatively, the non-invasive Velasmooth is the newest laser treatment out and works by ‘smoothing out’ the cellulite by radio frequency and a vacuum suction which helps to break down the far cells under your skin.

3. Liposuction is an ideal treatment for cellulite

Whilst liposuction can be a good treatment for some conditions relating to the build-up of fat in your body, it’s not ideal for cellulite. It’s not uncommon for both women and men to consider liposuction to remove cellulite as a quick and easy fix, but it can end up causing your condition to be much worse.

This myth goes hand-in-hand with “if I lose weight, I’ll be less likely to get cellulite”. But, if all women and men in any shape can get cellulite, losing weight is not going to fix things. Lipo is a process that enables you to lose weight very quickly – and it’s this fast unnatural weight loss that’ll cause your skin to sag and your cellulite to appear more obvious.

What you can do instead: Another in-salon ‘smoothing out’ treatment that’s beneficial for cellulite is Endermologie Lipomassage. Based on a French method that focuses on massage, the idea behind this treatment is to deliver a serious deep-tissue massage. By massaging deep into the skin, Endermologie helps to boost circulation, drain excess fluid, firm the skin and re-sculpt your figure to smooth out the cellulite. This treatment is effective for both women and men that may struggle with a slow and steady weight loss, is non-surgical and FDA approved.

4. Cellulite cannot be cured with exercise

There’s a lot of talk going around that exercise won’t cure cellulite… and in that sense, it’s right. While exercise will not cure cellulite, leading a healthy and active lifestyle will help to eliminate the chance. Specific exercises like weight training will help tone your body and define your mussels resulting in smoother skin.

As with any healthy lifestyle plan, excessive drinking, caffeine intake and smoking doesn’t do any favours for your body so should be kept to a minimum. Foods that are process or high in artificial flavours are all liable to contribute to that dreaded dimple cellulite skin too.

What you can do instead: Maintain a healthy lifestyle by giving your body adequate rest and watching what you put into it. No exercise and diet alone can cure cellulite, but giving your body the best chance it has to fight against excess fat is ideal.

5. Tanning doesn’t hide cellulite

Summer-bronzed skin may look attractive, but unfortunately it’s not going to hide your cellulite. Women often apply fake tan to mask that orange-peel appearance of cellulite, but it can cause the texture of your skin to look worse as the golden colour fades.

For those that hope getting a good dose of vitamin c by baking outside in the sun will eliminate cellulite, it’s not going to work either. The sun’s UV rays are harmful to your skin with and without cellulite and can contribute to your skin thinning out, resulting in a more prominent condition of cellulite.

What you can do instead: It doesn’t mean to say though, you need to avoid the sun altogether – just be smart. Applying adequate sunscreen to your body and cellulite prone areas will help to protect your skin from the UV rays.

By Jemma Stergiou, the owner and director of Keturah Day Spa Group, a leading provider of massages and Endermologie treatments in Perth, WA. Keturah also own the only Integral Endermologie machine in Perth! Connect with Jemma on Google+

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