Celluloid Sex

April 1, 2003

We recently asked you to rate the hottest sex scenes in the movies. Here’s what you said…9 1/2 Weeks. I was breaking in a new boyfriend and we rented that movie and randomly stopped the movie and acted out the scene. SO HOT! – Joanne

The film with the hottest sex scene would have to be An Officer and a Gentleman. It’s enough to send you off for a cold shower. – Chris

The Piano sex scene is passionate, sexy, beautiful, romantic, hot, hot, hot… – Nikolina

Enemy at the Gates when Jude Law and Rachael Weist are having sex between all the other soldiers with all the bombs exploding around them. – BJ

Fatal Attraction when he throws her on the sink and they do it widly with dirty dishes all around them… – Amanda

Definately Eyes Wide Shut. I guess because I thought the love making was so passionate and real – after all it was Tom and Nicole. Guess even they can fake it. – Kim

The steamiest sex scene had to be Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun. The beautiful late afternoon light and Tom Cruise! – Melena

Has to be Monsters Ball, the most realistic sex scene I have ever seen. – Olivia

The sex scene in Thelma and Louise with Brad Pitt and Geena Davis because it’s pure animal instincts and all about lust and passion. It’s totally raw! – Lorrie

Original Sin. Can’t explain it you just have to see it to believe it. – Jane

Better Than Sex has a number of hot sex scenes…it’s Aussie as well which is all the better. – Kate

Betty Blue. The sweat, the groaning, the flesh. It’s more real than anything else I’ve seen on film. It’s sex as it is. – Vanessa

Wild Orchid – the couple making love up against a wall, with water falling over them. – Jodie

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