Channing Tatum Just Made A Case For Male Objectification, And We’re All For It

September 7, 2016


Channing Tatum, otherwise known as my secret husband (mainly because he doesn’t know it yet), appeared on the Ellen show this week to promote his new Magic Mike Live show in Vegas, and give us a few steamy snaps for our memory banks by parading out an ab-fest of perfectly chiselled guys wearing jeans that we immediately imagined were lying on our bedroom floors.

More perfectly still, every woman’s fave hunk made an impassioned case for equality while chatting to Ellen about the motivation behind taking his popular film live. Objectification equality, that is.

“It should be women empowering. You know, equal opportunity objectification for everyone,” the stud muffin argued.

“It’s been going the other way for a while now… Let’s dial it back a little bit, let’s balance the scales.”

And before we had any chance to argue against my husband’s brilliant logic, an unidentified deliciously chiselled man wearing only jeans took to Ellen’s stage to dirty dance with a lucky audience member who suitably lost her mind.

The heavy-breathing inducing show was followed up with a smorgasboard of oiled-up muscles, draining all possible capacity for logic and reasoning from our brains, and making our loins feel all sorts of tingly lady things.

Thankfully, for those that missed the free fleshfest, the whole glorious thing was recorded for you to set on an endless replay loop so you can pretend you’re Hugh Hefner and these flawless fellows are your Playboy bunnies next time you’re home alone on a cold night…

You’re welcome.

Images and video via youtube.com.

Comment: Do you agree with Channing Tatum’s stance on ‘equal opportunity objectification’?


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