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Cheap Romantic Date Ideas For Autumn

Cheap Romantic Date Ideas For Autumn

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Now that the heavy heat of summer is on it’s way out it’s the perfect time to play. Dating should be about having fun AND getting to know each other. So I’ve got some romantic ideas which do just that. Plus it doesn’t need to cost either of you a fortune. Get back to basics, open channels for communication, learn about each other or reconnect and have some fun along the way.

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A date at the Botanical Gardens

There’s a Botanical Garden in each major city and some in the smaller towns so why not use one for a romantic date location. Most are free to enter, you can stay for hours and it doesn’t need to cost a cent! If you think this sounds boring and not you’re thing you’ve obviously never strolled along hand in hand, played hide and seek, jumped around in the leaves together or stolen a kiss under the amazing falling foliage. It’s VERY romantic.

Plus the colours during autumn are spectacular and simply don’t get any better. It’s the perfect place to take some incredible couple pics or a selfie or two. Most have a cafe or coffee shop within the grounds or somewhere nearby so why not grab a quick bite to eat during the day. If budgets an issue pack a perfect picnic for two and find somewhere private for a cuddle.

A date with animals

Why should couples with kids have all the fun? There’s something special about going to a zoo or wildlife park with your partner. Even though there’s an entry fee, it’s great value for money and an awesome cause. Once you’re in the grounds checkout the exhibits at your leisure and spend the entire day.

There’s nothing wrong with a spot of rain either. The animals like a bit of relief from the summers heat. Take an umbrella or buy a cheap weatherproof poncho and away you go. You can spend hours watching the animals and getting lost together in some of the over grown or secluded lane-ways.

A dinner date watching the sunset

The sun rises and sets everyday but we seldom take time out of our busy schedules to appreciate it. So although the weather might not be great for an outdoor meal at dusk, that’s exactly what they invented snuggling for! Find somewhere secluded, park the car, take a meal, relax and witness natures beauty together. It doesn’t matter where you live you should be able to find an incredible  view. Plus when it gets dark no-one will be able to see what you get up to in that car. Going parking is totally underrated and why should teens have all the fun? Be discrete and careful not to get caught!

A technology-free date

When was the last time you switched off the TV, computer or phone and played a game together? Better still, have you ever done it? Twisters a good one or how about poker with a bit of flair and fewer clothes? Ditch the technology and have a night in with a few games. They can be as tame or risque as you like. They are not only a lot of fun but it’s incredible how much people communicate without the added distraction of technology. Whether you are just getting to know each other or need to reconnect this one will work a treat!


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