Are Chemical Peels Effective?

July 8, 2014
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Chemical peels have become a popular way to not only detoxify the skin and improve its appearance, but is clinically advised to treat acne scarring and a number of other skin conditions. This treatment is administered by a doctor whereby a strong chemical solution is applied directly onto the skin, which then peels off. Ideal for the face, neck and hands it is designed to reduce lines and wrinkles which leads to smoother skin.

Anti-ageing and sun damage

Peels have been used for a number of years to combat the signs of ageing which include diminishing the look of wrinkles, crows feet around the eyes and lines along the forehead. These acids which can be administered by doctors and aestheticians in day spa’s work to exfoliate the outer layer of skin. Particularly helpful when treating signs of sun damage on the face, skin and hands including liver spots and also skin discolouration.

Treating acne

Chemical peels have recently been suggested to improve the appearance of acne or additional scarring. They won’t get rid of the problem area completely, but help to reduce swelling, inflammation or scarring in up to 4-6 sessions. Although these procedures are not a permanent solution to treating acne. Rather, they decrease the appearance of spots and imperfections for a short period of time before they ultimately pop up again.

During the procedure

This procedure can be administered in a doctor’s surgery or in a day spa. It is a fast process so the patient can leave after the chemical peel is complete. First up, the skin is cleaned thoroughly then a chemical solution such as glycolic acid is applied onto the skin to create a small wounds and start the peeling process. For most people, chemical peels feel a short burning sensation throughout the entire procedure. Cooling pads are placed onto these problems area to soothe and start the peeling process.

Side effects

Common side effects include red and often tender skin accompanied by peeling over the next few days. Although the side effects usually subside the more sessions you have, as the skin adjusts to the treatment. Skin can appear to look darker, but this will usually only last for a short period of time.

While chemical peels are proven to work wonders on wrinkles, sun damage and scarring, they should not be used as a permanent solution for controlling acne. Chemical peels only control what’s on the outside so they will only work as best as 2-3 months before the skin will break out again. After a chemical peel, is it best to avoid the sun for prolonged periods of time and treat your skin like brand new.

Image via Skyn Clinic

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