Chic Interior Decorating Ideas

November 25, 2014

Reinvent your home-space with some classic interior decorating ideas which won’t go out of style anytime soon. Taking inspiration from Parisian homes, it’s important to let your own personality shine through, and some unique items scattered throughout the house is the best way to make this look work.

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Silver, gold, rose, or titanium? That is the question! You don’t need to commit to just one finish  for your doorknobs, railings, or even plate design. Sometimes it’s nice to mesh everything together and create a look which is lived-in.

Invest in quality pieces which will last the distance, and make your home look and feel like a representation of your individual personality and design aesthetic.


A chandelier immediately brings a level of sophistication to a room which is mostly minimalist and subdued. Although some chandeliers can burn a hole in your pocket, they will never go out of style so choose wisely.


Some sweet-smelling candles are an easy way to create a warm feeling within a room. Whether you like the smell of flowers, musk, or even something on the sweeter side, they are a great way to transform a space.


A great way to display some of drawings and artwork by the kids is by hanging them on the wall. You can easily create a collage by framing each picture individually, and de-cluttering the house at the same time. The kids will love it!


Don’t just store all of your books on a shelf which will probably just gather dusk, right? Display some of your favourite food, fashion, and photography books on a coffee table for all to see. This should start conversation when friends and family are over, and even look amazing with the entire mood of the house.

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