Chick lit!

September 7, 2004

Chick lit!

Just Between You and Me ? the art of ethical relationships
Christina Colegate
Pan Macmillan

A self help book with a difference. This book isn?t about the author telling us how marvellous they are; why their life is so perfect and how they got it that way. Instead, Christina Colegate goes back to some of the world?s greatest philosophers to examine the dilemmas we all face in relationships with our self, our bodies, our friends, family, lovers and the general community. She looks at how our happiness is dependent on the success of these relationships and how we nurture them. From reading this book, you soon learn that you?re not alone with some of the things you struggle with. Various issues in relationship have been deliberated by some of the greatest minds in society, as explained by Colegate. Whether you studied philosophical works at school or university, or have always wanted to know what Freud was going on about, Just Between You and Me bridges the gap between philosophy and real life, giving an intelligent and thoughtful view on the pursuit of happiness.
RRP $30 but only $27 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop.

It?s not you, it?s me
Allison Rushby
Red Dress Ink

It?s one of the most overused breakup excuses ever invented ?it?s not you? it?s me?. When you hear those words, you assume it most definitely IS you, and you decide it?s because you?re not pretty enough, don?t have big enough boobs or you?re not smart enough. Charlie Notting heard these very words after an almost one night stand with her roommate, Jasper Ash, and she vows never to see him again. And he?s the last person she expects to run into while boarding a play to Europe two years later. After all, Jasper is an international rock star with a sex god reputation. The pair find themselves on a 18-35 Oktoberfest bus tour package and rediscover their friendship, and maybe just a little bit more. Chick lit at its best!
RRP $17.95 but only $16.16 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop.

Smart Women Smart Money ? Live the life you want!
Joan Baker
Allen and Unwin

We hear it all the time ? is our money really working for us? Should we be doing more with it and are we going to be financially secure in the long term? Money has long been the man?s domain but in this book, Joan Baker tells us it?s about time we took responsibility for our money. While we can no longer rely on men to look after us, many women don?t know the first thing about how the money they earn now will keep them secure into the future. With short, easy to read chapters, Baker goes through why women have this attitude to money and how to change it. She gives real instructions on ways to save money and earn more and her main point is that it?s never too late to start looking after your finances. As she says, women live longer than men; you need to make sure you?re financially secure well after your husband has passed.
RRP $24.95

Modelling and Acting for Kids
Janice Hally
A&C Black

We?ve all seen ads on television with an ugly fat kid and wondered how they get chosen to earn all that money? Well if you decide your little Johnny/Jane should join the ever growing pack of child stars, this is the book for you. It gives a very comprehensive guide to the entertainment industry and how to get your child involved. From getting an agent to the pay check at the end, Hally explains the processes and any potential obstacles you or your child might encounter. She also gives examples from parents of child models and actors, and from some former child stars themselves. The glitter and glamour of the entertainment industry can sometimes be blinding for parents. Before any parent decides to put their child into such an industry, they need to realise the potential pitfalls. Although most people interviewed for the book believe the positives outweigh the negatives, Hally certainly outlines the realistic expectations. Hours of the sitting in a waiting room then your child?s audition consisting of a mere glance is one reality of the business that many parents don?t anticipate. Also note that as it is an English book; some of the references of agents and websites are irrelevant in Australia.
RRP $48.95 but only $44.08 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop.

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