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Chicken In Red Wine Vinegar With Rocket Salad

Chicken In Red Wine Vinegar With Rocket Salad

Chicken in Red Wine Vinegar with Rocket Salad

This chicken recipes hits the trifecta: delicious, quick to make and low in fat. Developed by Tony Ferguson for his popular weight loss Program, this also makes an impressive dinner party dish.

Serves 4


1 tbs olive oil

480g chicken thigh fillets, halved

1 cup salt reduced chicken stock

400g can tomatoes

50g black olives, chopped

2 tsp capers, rinsed and drained

1/3 cup chopped flat leaf parsley


1 orange, skin and pith removed and segmented

1 fennel bulb, halved and thinly sliced

100g rocket leaves

1 tsp olive oil

1 tbs balsamic or sherry vinegar


1. Heat the olive oil in a heavy based saucepan and fry the chicken in batches until well browned.

2. Return all of the chicken to the saucepan with the vinegar and cook over high heat until the vinegar is reduced by half. Add the chicken stock and tomatoes and simmer for 20 minutes or until the chicken is tender.

3. Remove chicken from the pan, stir in the olives, capers and parsley. Bring to the boil.

Serve chicken with sauce spooned over.

4. To prepare salad combine the orange, fennel and rocket in a bowl. Mix together the oil and vinegar and pour over the salad.

About Tony Ferguson

A pharmacist for 35 years, Tony Ferguson (PhC.M.P.S) is the Co-Founder & Governing Director of the Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program™, now one of the most successful weight loss programs in the country. Tony is very passionate about improving Australians’ health. To date, his Program has helped over 700,000 people change their eating habits and work towards a healthier future. For further information, visit:

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