Does Your Child Have Too Many Toys?

March 4, 2015
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When you have young children, toys somehow make it in your home whether you like it or not. You get gifts from well-meaning grandparents, friends, festivals and events you visit, birthday parties and before you know it, your whole home turns into one big playroom. Too many toys can clutter your home and make your children more distracted. So what can you do to get the toy invasion under control?

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Watch your children play

You may notice that your children always pick up the same toys and never look at others. It will give you clues about what your children are interested in, what skills they’re currently developing and how you can support them. You will also know what toys you can safely discard and no one will even notice.

Turn decluttering into a game

I believe it’s best to give kids responsibility for their own possessions and not just throw toys out behind their backs, but if you simply ask them if they need one toy or another, the answer will always be ‘yes’. Decluttering flows a lot easier if you make it fun. You can pretend that your children have a shop and they’re selling you the toys they no longer need. Or they may need to clear their toy space for a fun concert.

Buy thoughtfully

It’s very easy to give in and buy a cheap toy at the checkout only to stop your children’s whining, but the kids will lose their interest in the toy as soon as you’ve left the shop and it will probably break before you even get home. Instead, choose only good quality toys that will last for a while and that engage your children’s imagination, so that they keep on playing with them.

Join a toy library

Toy libraries are a great way to give your children an opportunity to play with different toys without having to store them all at home. It also give you a chance to see if a toy is likely to hold their interest before you go out and buy it.

It’s only natural that we want to give our kids everything, but they don’t need too many toys to be happy. As you decrease the number of toys your children won’t even notice and you will love a tidier home.

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