Chill out with these DVDs

May 24, 2005

Chill out with these DVDs

Team America World Police
Team America World Police is all you?d imagine of a film from the Southpark team. Their silly, obscene humour can leave you either in stitches or stony-faced, depending on your mood. In this film, Team America is a terrorism fighting unit based in the hollow confines of Mount Rushmore. In the opening sequence they try to fight Middle Eastern terrorists in Paris, and end up destroying most of the city in the process yet still not managing to kill the villains. Team America realises they need to recruit an actor to go undercover for them. They choose Gary, as he?s ?an actor with a double major in theater and world languages! Hell… the perfect weapon!” The film continues through their bungled terrorist fighting attempts and also has subplots of romance and revenge. The funniest scene is probably the love making attempts between Gary and his female colleague. Why is it so funny? Did I mention all the characters are puppets? Yes they are marionettes manipulated by real puppeteers on a small dimension set. One of the most fascinating parts of the DVD is watching how the puppets were created and the various attentions to detail that give them their character.

Like any action/thriller, Cellular is totally and utterly unbelievable but if you?re a fan of a bit of mindless entertainment with a bit of spunk factor thrown in, this is the perfect film. Ryan (Chris Evans) is a young, immature guy with a deluded idea of responsibility. He?s thrown into the thick of it when he receives a desperate call from a woman claiming to be kidnapped. Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger) has been locked up in an attic by a gang of heavies. The only form of communication, a phone, has been smashed but fortunately Jessica is quite skilled in telephone mechanics (of course, aren?t we all?!) and manages to pieces together the telephone wires and get an outside line. When Ryan is contacted by Jessica, he is understandably sceptical but as time goes on he is convinced by her desperate pleas and ends up helping in her escape. Reasonably standard Hollywood formula but then again, who doesn?t like a bit of mindless entertainment now and again?

Anchorman ? The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Yet another film that doesn?t require much thinking. Anchorman stars Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, the archetypical newsreader of the 1970s who is utterly famous in his home of San Diego. He and his team Brian (Paul Rudd), Champ (David Koechner) and Brick Tamland (Steve Carell) are the top rated news team in the city and they’d like to keep it that way. Enter Veronica (Christina Applegate), a determined young gun reporter who is the first woman on camera at the network. Things are never the same again. This film really isn?t plot based ? its humour comes from the hilarious character portrayals and surprising cameos. Relax and enjoy the fun because this definitely isn?t a DVD to be taken seriously!

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