Chocolate Masterclass

November 7, 2012

Sure you love chocolate, but did you know that chocolate can be as complex as a fine wine? Lindt Master Chocolatie Thomas Schnetzler gives us a masterclass so you can truly appreciate the sight, touch, sound, smell and taste of chocolate. Once you understand its complexities, you will begin to understand and better appreciate the depth of the flavours
and even challenge
your taste buds to consider more unique flavours.


Simply by looking at a premium chocolate like Lindt Excellence, you will begin to truly appreciate
quality. Examine the structure and look for an even surface, free of blemishes with a deep
colour and rich matt sheen.


It will feel silky and smooth, softening quickly under the touch of your fingers from the high
cocoa butter content. Your fingers should leave marks on the soft surface.


When breaking a piece of fine, dense chocolate you should hear a sharp, clean snap. The
texture of Lindt Excellence ensures a sharp snap when broken which is indicative of well-formed
chocolate that has been tempered perfectly.


Breathe in the intense aromas hidden in the chocolate, including rich cocoa and other scents.
Close your eyes to appreciate the blends of fragrances. Detect the bittersweet cocoa and other
possible flavour notes such as honey or vanilla.


The climax is of course taste: a wealth of intensely satisfying flavour notes and textures. Place a
piece of chocolate on the tongue and allow it to slowly melt over the palate. Then gently bite
into the piece in order to discover the textural subtleties like coconut, sea salt or fruit.

What’s your favourite chocolate?

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